João Manuel Carvalho


Researcher since: 2018

João Manuel Carvalho (MAS UTL in Urban and Regional Planning, PhD UTL in Urban Planning) lectures on Urban Economics and Real Estate Economics, having been the coordinator of the pre-Bologna UTL Masters on Real Estate Development.

Research and publications are centred on the relationship between either Architecture or Urban Design and value creation. He has a large number of collaborations in regional, municipal, urban and detail plans, besides having issued a large number of technical reports for real estate developers and owners, concerning site development opportunities, permit submission procedures, negotiation with third parties and value of properties.

His main present interests concern “the role of real estate value in the public-private partnerships for urban development” and “the role of architectural design in the maximization of real estate value”.


Research Project:
Apartment Plans Optimization
Value enhancement of Natural Parks
Comparison of Western Europe law on urban upragde funding

Curriculum Vitae


Updated on January 17, 2018