Luciana Teles Carneiro

 Foto Luciana Carneiro

Luciana Teles Carneiro is currently a PhD student in Human Motricity, specializing in Ergonomics at the University of Lisbon. Her work is concerned with the usability and user experience of wheelchairs for people with disability mobility. The ultimate aim of this study is to obtain design recommendations for wheelchairs, in order to make them more efficient.

With a degree in physiotherapy, Luciana worked as an assistant teacher at private Universities and the Federal University of Paraiba - Joao Pessoa - PB - Brazil. Her work is supported by grants BEX 10078-13/4, from CAPES Foundation Ministry of Education of Brazil.

Research Project: User experience na avaliação de tecnologias de apoio utilizando a metodologia Kansei

Curriculum Vitae



Carneiro, L., Oliveira, T., Noriega, P., Rebelo, F., 2016. Can the Context Stigmatize the Assistive Technology? A Preliminary Study Using Virtual Environment.AHFE 2016.

Carneiro, L., Noriega, P., Filgueuras, E., Rebelo, F., 2015. Usability and user experience of technical aids for people with disabilities? A preliminary study with a wheelchair. AHFE 2015.


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