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Coordinator: José Centeno Gorjão Jorge

Team: Carlos Henriques Ferreira, Daniel Maurício Santos de Jesus, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Isabel Maria Augusta de Sousa Rosa , João Cottinelli Pardal Monteiro, Jorge Telles Bastos, Jorge Luís Firmino Nunes , João Sousa Morais (Prof. Catedrático), José Gorjão Jorge (Prof. Associado c/ Agregação) - coordenador, Lucinda Fonseca Correia (Doutoranda), Luísa Maria da Conceição dos Reis Paulo (Prof.ª Auxiliar), Luís Augusto Rosmaninho, Maria Conceição Trigueiros, Maria Dulce Costa de Campos Loução , Maria Luísa Gama Caldas , Miguel Calado Baptista-Bastos, Pedro Marques Abreu , Ricardo Jorge de Almeida Ribeiro , Rui Barreiros Duarte.

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Sustenta - Laboratory for Sustainable Design is a research group from the Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) of the Lisbon School of Architecture (FA-ULisboa), since 2012. Its main goal is to support projects, studies or any research/training activities in the area of Eco-architecture, by developing methodologies for sustainable intervention, not only on traditional building techniques with the help of new technologies, low cost self-design and heritage rehabilitation, but also on territory planning based on Geographic Information Systems.

Sustenta aimes to develop research projects (in the theoretical and/or applied aprroach) in Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, as well as to develop training and dissemination activities of scientific knowledge, especially through the provision of postgraduate training courses, workshops, seminars and curriculum monitoring internships.

Sustenta has its research core (as part of CIAUD) in the office 6.1.12 of the Lisbon School of Architecture, located at Rua Sá Nogueira - Pólo Universitário - Alto da Ajuda, 1349-063 Lisbon. Its main partners are the Academia de Escolas de Arquitectura e Urbanismo de Língua Portuguesa (AEAULP), in the area of Architecture; the Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture and Food Research Unit (LEAF-ISA-UL), in the areas of Landscape Architecture and Agronomy; and the Center of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon (CF-UL), in the area of Philosophy.

• promote methodologies of Sustainable Design for intervention in the territory, in terms of human occupation, regarding its uses and consumption, as an alternative to current production practices and economic consumption;
• elaborate landscape dynamics studies in terms of its human occupation, land use and resource consumption, by diagnosing their future impacts;
• establish methods of analysis that allow the definition of scientific criteria for assessing all human productive activities (transformation of the environment, production of habitat and resource exploitation) in an ecological perspective;
• explore design methods and the applications of a "Green Architecture";
• find the principles of compatibility, in the practice of construction of habitat, land management and production of artefacts, between protection and development of culture and economic and technological development of society;
• find territories of intervention and application (within the productive fabric) making possible innovative research in contributing towards economic and technological development;
• encourage the practice of research through the development of a network between education, civil society, and economic agents.
• support and develop investigation in Architecture, Urban Planning and Design.



Sustenta's workgroup has developed since 2012 a number of events that can result in seminars, symposiums and conferences, resulting from the different research projects coordinated.



Resulting from various events and research projects carried out by Sustenta, publications are annually released containing, for example, seminar articles' proceedings (in several areas of knowledge), or conclusions about the methodologies and intervention proposals adopted.


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