On 28 November 2023, the CIAUD-UPT cluster organised the "CIAUD-UPT Research Reflection Sessions" at Universidade Portucalense, with the aim of establishing synergies for the cluster's future activities. The President of CIAUD, João Pedro Costa, was present and presented the balance for the 2020-2023 period, as well as the proposed Strategic Guidelines for 2024-2028.

CIAUD-UPT's Director, Mariana Correia, and the centre's researchers took part in the conference. Professor Rita Ochoa, Director of CIAUD.UBI (centre of the University of Beira Interior) was also present.

The event took place in the DAMG/ CIAUD-UPT room (floor 5), at Universidade Portucalense, on 28 November 2023, between 4pm and 7pm.