CIAUD is a well-established Research Centre, focussed on the role of creativity in the economy and in society. Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Ergonomics are the key disciplines of the Centre. They are integrated in a transdisciplinary environment, with a view to strengthen Knowledge and to promote innovation and development.

CIAUD stands out for its breadth of scope, contributing towards territorial cohesion in Portugal. Based in Lisbon, at the Lisbon School of Architecture of the Universidade de Lisboa, it has hubs in Viana do Castelo, Porto, Covilhã, Castelo Branco and in the Algarve.

Created in 2006, the Centre has grown to adjust the fast changes in society. Internally, it has evolved towards a structure where the activities of researchers is centred on Research Groups, with guided focus and interdisciplinarity. It is made up of Integrated members who define policy on Science, and who elect an Executive Committee; Collaborating Members, who carry out research in an active and regular way, as well as PhD candidates with approved Research Projects, who carry out R&D activities in Research Groups. It also includes research grant holders, selected through open and competitive procedures.

CIAUD is a member of several international R&D networks with regular representation. It promotes high standards for scientific quality, integrating a group of internationally reknown Consultants who secure regular internal evaluation of both the Centre and its researchers. Internal operations and support to R&D activities is secured by a specialized support team.

The Research Centre is funded directly by FCT, leveraging research development from the ground, through competitive projects, with national and international funding, and diversified applied research with governments, central and municipal public administration, business sector and non-governmental organizations.

CIAUD promotes an environment for innovation, placing creativity at the service of the community. Communication between ground research, applied research and masters projects, PhD and post-doctoral research add value, and dynamizes entrepreneurship while placing R&D at the service of progress and of the new generations.